Frozen Yogurt – the hype, what is it, where to buy the mix, how to make it

Wow!  This is an exciting time.  Frozen yogurt is so popular right now and for good reason.  Frozen yogurt (froyo) tastes great and is very good for you. And if you’ve ever used the word ‘crackberry‘ you know the hype has hit you hard.

So, what is frozen yogurt anyway?  What is the difference between ice cream and frozen yogurt?  What is the difference in a dry mix, liquid mix, and a frozen mix?  And, what do all the retail frozen yogurt stores use? Well, we are here to answer all those questions and more.

But, why is it so hard to buy frozen yogurt wholesale?  Does it all come from Korea?  No, you don’t have to go through a yogurt distributor or purchase it outside the country. You can even make frozen yogurt homemade yourself.  Simply purchase a yogurt machine, buy our dry frozen yogurt mix, and you’ve just created the neighborhood’s best party favor.

Facts To Know About Frozen Yogurt

Frozen yogurt is gaining popularity at an incredible pace and thousands of people daily are trying it for the first time. It is usually regarded to as the “healthier ice cream” and this is why so many different people love it. If you haven’t done so already, it’s a good idea that you at least try it.

What Is Frozen Yogurt?

It is basically ice cream that does not use cream. Instead, yogurt is being utilized to offer the texture that is similar to ice cream. The process of making it is really similar to that of ice cream and you usually need exactly the same machine.

Why is there a Lot of Hype Around It?

As you can imagine, there must be extra benefits that exist in addition to the taste as frozen yogurt is really similar with ice cream from this point of view. The biggest advantage of consuming frozen yogurt is the fact that it contains a lower quantity of fat because of the use of yogurt instead of cream. This automatically translates to fewer calories, which means you’ll have the ability to control your weight better.

People have reported that it helped them to lose weight. That is actually not the case. However, you will consume fewer calories and this can help a good weight loss diet that is combined with a proper workout routine.

Where Can You Buy a Mix to Make It?

If you do not want to buy frozen yogurt from a shop, there is the option of purchasing a special mix. You can use it at home and create your own treats based on your personal preferences. There are many different mixes available on the market and it is basically impossible not to find a flavor that you would like. You can add fruits to the mix to make everything even tastier and healthier.

Frozen yogurt mix is available in many different stores from around the country. In most cases it is available in most supermarkets. The problem is that the diversity found in such locations is not high. That is why it is recommended that you buy online. Simply find the shop of a reputable frozen yogurt mix manufacturer and you can buy from there.

How To Make Frozen Yogurt

As already mentioned, the process is really similar to that of making ice cream. If you want to do some at home, you will most likely have to use an ice cream maker. The yogurt can also be done with a blender type unit but the ice cream maker will make it much tastier and creamier. Simply follow the manufacturer’s instructions and when it comes to toppings, you can choose whatever you want from jam to strawberries.

Frozen yogurt is a great alternative to ice cream and you will surely appreciate the fact that it is healthier. There are dozens of shops that are opening around the world every single month and you will definitely find one near you soon, if there is none opened right now.