Low-Fat Chocolate Frozen Yogurt Recipe

Low-Fat Chocolate Frozen Yogurt Recipe – Is It Possible?

Even if you can look at a chocolate frozen yogurt recipe that is available on a site and the fact that there are many options available and many recipes that you can use, the biggest problem that some people have is the fact that chocolate has high sugar content and too many calories. Those that are on a diet are constantly looking for low-fat alternatives. If you are among these people, you will surely appreciate the following low fat chocolate frozen yogurt recipe.

Low Fat Chocolate Frozen Yogurt Recipe

chocolate-frozen-yogurtThe preparation time for this recipe is of just 10 minutes but the cooking time is 24 hours. Cooking in this case does not mean anything like putting the frozen yogurt in an oven, as you will quickly notice. This really fast recipe is really close to non fat and you cannot get any closer than this.

For this chocolate frozen yogurt recipe, you need 1 quarter of a non fat yogurt. You can use regular non fat, plain or Greek strained. We recommend non fat Greek yogurt as it will make the dessert creamier. You will need 1 more cup of sugar and half a cup of processed cocoa powder that was not sweetened. Make sure that you also have 1 teaspoon of vanilla extract near you and an eight of a teaspoon of salt.


Use one food processor or a bowl. Combine all the ingredients and keep stirring as necessary until the sugar is dissolved. It is recommended to not add all the sugar. Just keep adding it gradually as this will make everything faster. You can also taste the mix to make sure that you make the treat according to your tastes. Refrigerate it till it is very cold. Based on the refrigeration unit, this can last from 4 hours to 2 days. Transfer the entire mix into your ice cream maker. You then have your chocolate frozen yogurt and you can freeze it until you want to serve it.

Tips To Make The Chocolate Frozen Yogurt Recipe Better

You can avoid using sugar if that is what you want. Utilize vanilla yogurt that is free of fat for this purpose. Such yogurt is quite sweet and you do not need to add sugar because of that. Make sure that you experiment with the toppings that you use. Remember the fact that this is a chocolate frozen yogurt recipe that does not actually use chocolate but it does have similar taste. If you believe that you want more chocolate taste, you can always add some real chocolate when you take out the frozen yogurt from the freezer.

Look on the Internet for inspiration. You can add fruits to this chocolate frozen yogurt recipe and this will not make the fat content higher. There are so many variations that can be done and everything is based on your imagination and how you love frozen yogurt. The bottom line is that it is not at all difficult to enjoy low fat treats and this is a great example of that.


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