Honey Hill Farms – Yogurt Distributor

Honey Hill Farms
301 North El Paso
Russellville, AR 72801

Honey Hill and Sugar Creek have teamed up to provide the most natural and best tasting frozen yogurt available.  Many of the large yogurt franchises are switching from YoCream to Honey Hill as the quality seems to be better and the customer service is much better.  The company has a large variety of frozen desserts including: low fat, non-fat, no sugar added non-fat, and non-fat/no dairy (sorbets).

As the yogurt comes frozen, Honey Hill can provide the highest level of probiotics and live cultures.

There are some downfalls of buying frozen yougurt (as opposed to dry mix) like: expensive (about twice the cost of a dry mix), difficult to ship (costs about three times more to ship than dry mix), must be kept frozen, must thaw at the right time to ensure it’s ready at the right time for consumption, very short shelf life, must purchase through distributor in large quantities, and spoilage can easily by puncturing the bottles.

But, there are many flavors with different nutritional values to choose from and there is no mixing involved – just throw it in the machine.  The company uses real fruit puree and little chunks of goodness like tiny cheesecake bits and cookies ‘n cream tiny bits.

All purchases are done through a distributor.  See the above information to find a distributor.  Or, if you live in Utah, Idaho, Nevada, Wyoming, New Mexico, or Montana call Ray (702) 271-7002.




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