Celebrities Like Frozen Yogurt

Why Do Celebrities Like Frozen Yogurt?

Britney-Spears-frozen-YogurtWe are sure that you recently noticed many reports in the press about the fact that celebrities like frozen yogurt. It is quite obvious that the new Hollywood trend is to favor these treats instead of regular ice cream and it is not at all hard to understand why. Seal, Britney Spears, Kate Hudson, Kim Kardashian and Miley Cyrus are just some of the stars that have openly declared that they love frozen yogurt.

Why Do Celebrities Like Frozen Yogurt?

We can highlight two reasons why this trend is going on at the moment. The most important one is the fact that frozen yogurt has fewer calories than ice cream. Although it is still not as healthy as regular yogurt, the advantages offered to a healthy diet are many. Miley Cyrus managed to slim down while making dietary changes. Frozen yogurt addition was among those changes.

The second reason that has to be highlighted is the fact that it became a trend. In Hollywood there are trends and when there are many celebrities that endorse a product, it is a guarantee that others will also try it and see if it is any good. This mass movement led many stars towards trying frozen yogurt. After learning about the many health benefits and considering the fact that they can have a treat that is similar to ice cream, it is logical that they endorse the trend even more.

Kim Kardashian is a very good example of such a movement. She posted Twitter pictures of frozen yogurt and recommended it as heaven. Miley Cyrus is often seen visiting such shops and the same thing can be said about Kate Hudson, Britney Spears and even Ozzy Osbourne. There are some pictures that are really funny with Ozzy eating yogurt.

Should You Consider Frozen Yogurt?

The fact that celebrities like frozen yogurt is not necessarily a reason why you should consider the treat. This is something that we all need to understand. There are also some negative aspects that might be important for some. For instance, even if the yogurt used in such treats is better than cream, you might not like the addition of extra sugar. If you already consume sugar in suitable quantities from other sources, frozen yogurt might actually be too much.

If you are just after a quick treat, frozen yogurt is a great choice. As long as you do not eat too much, there is no reason why you should fear the fact that you would end up fat or that you will not be able to meet your weight loss objectives.

As a whole, we have to say that frozen yogurt treats are great. They taste really well and it is impossible not to find a type or taste that you will simply love. There are so many varieties that this becomes impossible. Since celebrities like frozen yogurt, you can actually consider this as staying in fashion while also gaining different health benefits. Join the trend and benefit from it!


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