Is Frozen Yogurt a Fad or a Trend?


Within the past 5 years frozen yogurt stores have opened up on nearly every street in California and New York and many more located near college and university campuses. You may have thought to yourself, when is this new desert going to go out of style?


Yogurt, especially the frozen variety, is actually gaining in popularity and doesn’t show any signs of losing momentum for a while. While it is true that many cities have a LOT of frozen yogurt stores to choose from there are many cities throughout the U.S. that have barely heard of frozen yogurt and therefore offer plenty of growing room for this newer commodity.

Taste and consumer choices have changed. People are much more conscious of what they eat and how healthy something is. With more awareness of how great nutritious eating can be for your body’s health, and with many government health initiatives advocating good nutrition, it is unlikely that this trend will go away. Froyo is here to stay!

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