Frozen Greek Yogurt

Frozen Greek Yogurt – A Tasty And Healthy Alternative To Ice Cream

Whenever talking about frozen dessert choices, we tend to think about ice cream. This is about to change as the popularity of frozen Greek yogurt is constantly growing and it is now even available in many containers of various sizes, while including different possible flavors. If you want to taste something that is healthier than ice cream and still enjoy that creamy feeling that you get when you consume it, this is definitely an alternative that you have to consider.

Various Available Flavors

get Frozen-Greek-YogurtMost people automatically dismiss frozen Greek yogurt because they think there is just one flavor that is available. That is not true. In fact, there are many options that are available at the moment. You can easily choose flavors like vanilla mango, peach, blueberry, raspberry, espresso, key lime, chocolate or strawberry. These are just some of the options that you will find in stores that specializes in selling gelato, sorbet and various yogurt products.

Important Information About Greek Yogurt

This type of yogurt is basically made up of milk that comes from a cow or a sheep. The milk is cooled down, after being boiled. After this process is over, the overall fat content obtained is between 8 and 10 percent. You can freeze the yogurt and then use it in various desserts like pies, trifles and cakes. Some people even use Greek yogurt in soups, salads and sauces.

Why Frozen Greek Yogurt Instead Of Ice Cream?

It is true that we are used to ice cream because of the fact that this was the only treat of its kind available. The problem is that it has a really high amount of calories and fats. Frozen Greek yogurt appears as a very good alternative and so many are nowadays opting for this treat instead of the all so popular ice cream. The biggest advantage stands in the fact that the yogurt option is low in calories. You can easily get away with eating more while on a diet and this is something that can actually help us to lose weight faster.

You might want to know that there is even a special type of fat free Greek frozen yogurt that is available in some stores. It has an even lower amount of fat and it is especially recommended for those people that are currently on a diet. It is definitely one option you will want to think about if you build a new nutrition plan.

Where Can You Find Frozen Greek Yogurt?

There are actually many different stores that are currently selling frozen Greek yogurt. In most cases you will find it in shops that are specialized in selling frozen yogurt though and not necessarily in those that sell gelato. Sometimes you will also find Greek frozen yogurt powder or mix in supermarkets and there are even tutorials on the Internet about how to create this tasty treat yourself. The truth is that we are noticing a constant increase in the number of people that are buying frozen yogurt and many Hollywood celebrities are currently recommending it.


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