Justin Bieber and Selena love Frozen Yogurt

So, what does Justin Bieber want for his birthday?  To kiss Selena Gomez incessantly in public, well yes, but he really wants frozen yogurt.   Yes, the Biebs went to Pinkberry for his birthday.

March 1st of 2011 is Justin’s 17th Birthday.  Happy Birthday Justin Bieber! He was seen in a mall in Los Angeles.  Sure Justin can afford more than just Pinkberry for his birthday.  He was also seen at D&G and Louis Vuitton. He was wearing a D&B jacket for him birthday.  Perhaps Selena bought it for him.

The celebrity couple continues enjoying making out in public but now on the beach in Hawaii with less clothing, a new tattoo, and new earrings.  Rumor is they go to Vegas for his 18th birthday – but maybe that should wait until he’s 21.  Hopefully we won’t see Selena sporting a baby bump anytime soon, but if she does, I’ll bet she shops here.

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